Mac and cheese

Everywhere I go, I’m finding macaroni and cheese. Family restaurants like Max and Erma’s have added it to the menu. For a while, Burger King was offering Kraft mac & cheese as an option in its kid’s meals. It’s become the go-to when my wife and I take the girls out to dinner, and it’s … Continue reading

San Francisco weekend eats

As most of you already know, I’m getting ready to move from Boston to San Francisco. I’ve never even been there, so I went a few days early to see the apartment and, more importantly, to eat some food. Charlie’s only been there for a month or so, but he’s already done an A-plus job … Continue reading

The best thing I ever ate

This weekend, my mom and aunts came in to town to visit and to go out to dinner. My first thought was that it was yet another opportunity for me to procrastinate being a healthy, productive human being. The second thought was that the pressure was on. I’ve brought up my aunts in this column … Continue reading