The eye of God

Olivier runs a woodshop where he takes in juvenile delinquents and teaches them the trade.  He is a quiet, humble man, dedicated to his work.  One day a woman enters his shop with a new boy.  He needs a job, but Olivier refuses to take him.  He says he has nothing available, but quickly follows … Continue reading

From the Vault: The House of the Devil

From The Vault is a feature exclusive to The Cinephiles “Month of Horror.”  It will serve to shine a spotlight on some of the newer horror films that have flown under the radar.

Building tension is an art form I fear the horror genre doesn’t have much use for anymore.  A killer’s strike can be startling for sure, but waiting for the killer to strike can be excruciating.  This tension has been replaced with special FX, forcing me to reiterate the old, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” rule.  I am not entirely sure who made up that rule, but it was probably somebody’s mother.  If there is one area The House of the Devil excels in, it’s taking that rule to heart.

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