Sweet potato soup: a love letter

finished soup

After my not-so-healthy foray into sweet potato territory last week, I decided this week to make that soup that I avoided last week. I was a little hesitant because my last attempt at a similar soup with butternut squash didn’t turn out very well—the texture was too grainy and I ended up doing the unthinkable … Continue reading

Sergeant pepper and my questionable knife skills

I loved the chili that I made in my slow-cooker so much that I wanted to give the slow-cooker another try. I wanted to do a roast or some sort of chicken, but, as usual, I ended up choosing a soup. There’s nothing else like soup when the temperature drops below thirty and when you … Continue reading

The butternut squash battle

An indeterminate amount of time ago, my aunt gave me a big butternut squash from her garden. I thanked her and acted excited like any good niece should, but I was a little nervous. Not only had I never cooked butternut squash before, but I wasn’t even sure that I liked it. I hemmed and … Continue reading

How I came to terms with poached eggs

I had a hard time figuring out the topic for this week’s column because, shockingly, nothing went wrong this week in my culinary life. This week it became fall in Boston, without much of a warning. Now it’s dark by the time I get home from the gym, I can see my breath in the morning, and I can cook in my apartment without turning it into a human-sized oven. Now that it’s cool, I used this week to bring back one of my winter favorites—soup.

For someone like me who is often lazy and often hungry, soup is the perfect winter meal. The initial batch can be time-consuming, but for the rest of the week, dinner is only a microwave trip away. The newest entry into my soup repertoire is a White Bean puree with a poached egg on top.

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