Super Mario Bros. (Yes, the movie)

The recent video game film, Wreck-It Ralph (2012), has been called by some “the best video game movie ever made.” On the surface, that sounds like quite the endorsement, but if you dig deeper, such a title doesn’t carry much weight when you look at the rest of the sample in question. In short, it … Continue reading

Cave Story: Platform mechanics

For me, platformers have always been nostalgic. Sure, my first videogame console was an NES with Super Mario Bros. 3, but I was too young in those days to have a valuable opinion about it (I know this because my favorite NES game, at the time, was Batman Returns). The first game that made a … Continue reading

You can take the game out of the movie, but you can’t take the movie out of the game

There is a moment towards the tail end of Rockstar Games’ epic western Red Dead Redemption when, after a long campaign filled with violence, you are finally allowed to return home to your wife and child.  As you ride across the plains the soundtrack swells.  It feels triumphant, sentimental and incredibly cinematic. Red Dead is not alone.  … Continue reading

Mario gets old

If I had any illusions about holding on to my youth, they were dispelled by Nintendo’s hoopla surrounding the 25th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros. (And may I step to the side for a moment and comment on how much I adore the fact that the name of the game is “Super … Continue reading