I wonder what is like being from another country. This sounds sort of stupid, but Americans often have a strange, warped view of the music of other countries. It is not unexpected to have a country-specific oritentation towards your own pop culture. We are the center of our experience and of our own perspective. In … Continue reading

Making the move: On being a bicoastal hockey fan

To be perfectly honest, hockey has not been at the top of the brain for the last month. I moved from San Francisco to Philadelphia over the weekend and the cross-country switch has been preoccupying, to put it mildly. Maybe that’s part of the reason why I got home (my parents’ home — still apartment … Continue reading

Parallel universes In which Netflix becoming Qwikster makes sense

Doing Two Things Is Confusing The year is 2000, Amazon, the burgoning internet book seller, splits off their new music department into a website called By 2011 every river has a .com address and is a commerce portal operated by Over the next 10 years the internet is entirely dominated by single-serving sites. … Continue reading

The new technology is already old again

Saying that Hollywood is rarely original is an understatement, but nothing has driven that point home more than the recent market saturation of 3D. While James Cameron’s Avatar did not secure him another Best Picture Oscar, it did launch a new wave of band-wagon jumping that is not currently showing signs of slowing. Believe it … Continue reading


I have always been an Apple kind of fellow. Apple computers, that is. Nothing against the fruit the computers are named for, but I do tend to prefer oranges. I remember growing up with strange, variant PCs but the computers in our home that really stood out were the Apple products. To this day my … Continue reading