Truth & beauty bombs

The warm weather’s back, comicomrades! You might remember me telling you once upon a winter that I read exponentially more when I can see my breath outside. That statement was stunningly accurate. Sure, I now have the option of reading a zombie novel under a tree in the commons while I get Hemingway drunk on … Continue reading

Smart Girl at the Party: Web Comic Round Up, Part III

Okay kids, this week we’re back to the round up. I hope you all know how hard it’s been for me NOT to make a rodeo joke, but I know no one appreciates a clown. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. I wasn’t familiar with this comic before my poll, but now that it’s on my radar … Continue reading

Webcomic roundup, part II

When I asked my friends to suggest web comics the response I received was a little staggering. I had no idea they had been holding out on me like that—I hadn’t heard of at least half of the comics mentioned. I’m sure you’re all through the last bunch by now. Let’s while away our day … Continue reading

Darwin Carmichael is karmically fkd, you guys

Are you worried you’re karmically fkd? Have you accidentally ruined a deity’s life? The time to repent is nigh. Probably your eternal damnation is not as much of a lock as this guy. Darwin Carmichael is karmically fkd, you guys. This should come as no surprise seeing as how his damnation is broadcast all over … Continue reading

Everyday grotesque

Every once in a while I encounter a book that impresses me while simultaneously disappointing me by not reaching its potential. I stumbled across the NYT posts of Israeli comic artist and former editor of the Hebrew edition of MAD Magazine Rutu Modan more than a year ago and was completely enamored with her short … Continue reading

A field guide to Questionable Content

I’m lucky enough to live in a city that’s home to an awesome library with a formidable (depending on your level of interest in Charlie Brown’s gang) comic collection. But if I remember correctly from growing up, a lot of libraries are kind of terrible. And because two of my posts so far are really … Continue reading